Thursday, 7 February 2008

Climbing to keep fit, am I MAD?

In an effort to keep fit I have recently joined Hinckley Mountaineering Club in Hinckley - HMC. I didn't know Hinckley had mountains, which it doesn't, but instead have a great group of individuals who are interested in outdoor events, such as mountain biking, hiking and of course climbing.

Previous hikes that I do with old Huddersfield Uni chums Andy and Rich have many a time resulted in the leg muscles giving me grief.

Completed my 4 climbing wall visit to Bear Rock at Warwick Uni and even made an investment last weekend in some rock climbing shoes and chalk bag. All I need now is a safety harness and I am ready to go.

So climbing is the way to go I say. I guess only time will tell when we go for a hike sometime shortly after Easter.

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