Friday, 14 March 2008

A night at the Oscar's.

I recently attended an event held at our local golf club in Hinckley called a night at the Oscar's. It had been a while but still [only just] managed to get into my tux I am pleased to say. The Mrs had decided to invest in a new outfit which cost more than my first car. Mind you, the end result was well worth it, Louise looked great.

Now to the event itself. Titled 'A night at the Oscar's' the theme was for everybody to either dress in formal code or a famous actor/actress.

Turns out the evening was hosted by a group called the Roundtable. Not really heard much about them but by the end of the evening it left me wanting to find out more. Basically it is a group professional men from all walks of life who meet up regularly, have a great time with all sorts of adventures. Plus in the process raise money for charity.
The evening in question was dedicated to all the ladies who help support their men folk in their journey's.

Will keep you posted as my own adventure develops....

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