Monday, 2 June 2008

A wind swept camping weekend...

The Amarally's went away recently (second bank holiday weekend in May) on a camping break in Burnham-on-Sea. Arrived Friday night and pitched up in good weather conditions, even Louise commented on how mild it was.

Woke up Sat and after a hearty breakfast cooked by yours truelly, went off Cheddar Gorge taking in great views including the caves and the Gorge carved naturally in the mountain side. Weather was still good that we even took a open top tour bus back to the car park.

Arrived back at the campsite to a rather windy area which was enough to open up one of the tent doors.

By the time bed time came for us we were battening down the hatches in preparation. Joshua & Leonie had no problems with the wind and took it in their stride and dropped off to sleep very quickly indeed.

Louise and I on the other hand had a restless sleep to say in the least with me poping out every hour or so to anchor down the tent which included securing it to my car.

By 4am it started to rain so gave up, crawled into my sleeping bag and hoped for the best.

6am Sunday woke up to find the tent was almost flat and so we decided to cut our break short by a day and pack up.

Joshua woke up beaming, whilst Leonie was still asleep. Louise had to wake her up and was the last item infact packed into the car. That girl loves her sleep!

My tent, a Tesco's special is now in a skip, oh dear I will not be buying one those again. I now have my eye on a 5 person Coleman.

Still, all was not lost, as after a warm shower and another hearty breakfast, we spent the day Wooky Hole exploring the caves which are more spectacular than those at Cheddar. Again weather was not too bad.

So in all a fairly eventful weekend, and a good practice run for our camping week in Cornwall in the summer.

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